Increasing Credit Card Limits

Increasing Your Credit Card Limit: Good or Bad Idea? Most consumers understand that credit limits on credit cards are variable. This means that they can go up under certain conditions. Often, credit card companies will reward good customers by automatically increasing their credit card limit. But do you have to wait for the company to […]

Is Credit Insurance Worthwhile?

Is Credit Card Insurance Worthwhile? Is buying credit card insurance a wise investment? Consider this: Millions of consumers, the world over, use their credit cards on a daily basis. The vast majority of these same consumers will never have a problem with credit card fraud or identity theft. However, there will be many others who […]


Understanding APR Whether you are seeking business loans or personal consumer loans, understanding the basics of that loan is important. One of the basics associated with almost all loans is APR, which stands for Annual Percentage Rate. Understanding APR is important to both business loan seekers and consumer loan seekers because this formula allows you […]

Credit Card Cancellation

Credit Card Cancellation Credit card cancellation can be a wise step for some consumers but it should be approached carefully. There are some issues on canceling credit cards that can be helpful and there are some issues that can actually harm your credit score. Knowing these issues will benefit nearly all consumers who have and […]

Credit Reports and Debt Level

Credit Reports and Debt Level Did you know that your credit reports and your debt level are tied together in many ways? Many consumers do not realize how the amount of debt that they carry affects their credit reports, which, in turn, affects their credit score. Here are some insights into how this relationship works. […]

How To Apply for Credit Cards

How to Apply for Credit Cards This article contains some helpful tips on how to apply for credit cards, but it also contains some tips on what not to do. Many consumers do not realize that there are some actions that they may take that can actually hurt their chances of being approved for credit […]